The conference will take place in the following time slots:

  • June 26, 8:30AM-11:25AM (Beijing Time) (including two keynotes)
  • June 26, 9:00PM-11:05PM (Beijing Time)
  • June 27, 8:30AM-11:35AM (Beijing Time) (including one keynote)
  • June 27, 9:00PM-11:05PM (Beijing Time)

Please see the following PDF for a detailed program, please visit:

CSWIM 2021 Workshop Program (pdf)

A web version of the program is here (searchable and can import individual events to your calender)

Instructions for Presenters and Discussants

  • Each paper is allotted 30 minutes including 20 minutes for presentation, 7 minutes for discussion, and 3 minutes for Q&A.  All the presentations, discussions, and Q&A will be live via Tencent Meeting (See registration page for instructions on how to set up Tencent meeting on your device).